September 6, 2010

Three Voice-O-Graph Records

This is a set of three Voice-O-Graph records I picked up recently at a local flea market. Produced by the Mutoscope Corporation, these 6” coated cardboard records were made in small booths similar to the picture booths found at most arcades. This set plays at 78rpm although later Voice-O-Graph records can be at 45 or 33 1/3rpm. These booths were in operation up until the mid 70's, at least that's the last time I can recall seeing one. Click here to see photos of an old Voice-O-Graph booth and scans of Voice-O-Graph ads.




August 19, 2010

Mr. Bill's School Days Calendar

Mr. Bill's School Days 1982 Calendar
This is the 1982 “Mr. Bill's School Days” calendar which came with an Eva-Tone Soundsheet flexi. I had received this as a Christmas gift in 1981. When I think of all the stuff I've held on to and how long I've managed to hold on to it...

Click Here to download both the audio
and scans of the calendar.

Mr. Bill Eva-Tone Soundsheet

August 18, 2010

"I pushed the wrong button"

Another amusing flea market micro-cassette find.

August 14, 2010

Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis
Released: ?
Format: Vinyl LP

Speaking in a slow, creepy, b-movie voice, Dr. Matthew A. Sportelli narrates this self help/hypnosis record which “can give you control over your habits and can attract to you happiness, peace of mind and abundance.”

Click Here to download.

June 18, 2010

"Say a few words to your public"

Maxell Micro Cassette

I found this micro-cassette today at a local flea market. Although most of the tape is pretty dull, the first 17 seconds is somewhat amusing.

June 8, 2010

Ed's Answering Machine

Ed's Answering Machine

I bought this used answering machine many years ago from some guy I met through a friend of a friend. After taking it home and plugging it in, I discovered that the original owner had not bothered to wipe the tape before selling it to me. The following is an excerpt from the original tape.