August 14, 2010

Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis
Released: ?
Format: Vinyl LP

Speaking in a slow, creepy, b-movie voice, Dr. Matthew A. Sportelli narrates this self help/hypnosis record which “can give you control over your habits and can attract to you happiness, peace of mind and abundance.”

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unc pete said...

Absolutely horrible. Have you actualy set and listend to this all the way through? Lol. I was in a B-movie once, played Christoper in a slsher entitled, "Asylum of Terror" nearly as bad as Dr Sportelli's delivery. Whew! Like the movie I had to listen/watch.

Bill Zimmerman said...

Yes, I actually have listened to this all the way through. I also have another album by Dr. Matthew A. Sportelli called "The Wonder Of You". It came with a spiral printed cardboard disk that you're supposed to put on the turntable and stare at. I'll have to dig that one out.

Anonymous said...

You can call the stuff creepy all you want, Dr Sportelli was a great man, a chiropractor and hypnosis instructor, passed away, survived by his wife Maria and a son, and contributed much to the community. Sad to see such critics simply based on appearances, as these products served a purpose in their time. You can both be very proud of your limited culture and easy sense of humor.

Bill Zimmerman said...

Actually, I am quite proud of my easy sense of humor. I suppose I could try being bitter and angry, leaving an anonymous post on a stranger's blog, but what would that accomplish. The way the world is today, it's either laugh or cry. I've chosen my path and you've chosen yours.

Anonymous said...

What is cool about this is I Googled the name Matthew A. Sportelli because he's listed on the deed to my house as a previous owner.
He used to live in MY HOUSE!!!!