June 10, 2009

Alice, The Queen of the Funnel Cakes

Alice Reinert
Artist: Alice Reinert - Reading, PA
Album: Alice, The Queen of the Funnel Cakes
Released: 1981
Format: Vinyl LP
Label: Fun-nel-Aires Records - Reading, PA

The tender and annoying voice of Alice Reinert is like nothing you've heard before. Alice sings with confidence but sounds as if she just completed 11th grade.

"A Very Special Birthday"

"My Darling Daughter"

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Funnel Cakes
"From out of the Pennsylvania Dutch country comes Alice the Queen of the Funnel Cakes, singing some of her songs that she wrote while making her famous funnel cakes at fairs, carnivals, festivals and shopping centers etc."


unc pete said...

I actually hope her funnel cakes are better than her singing. I love these old vanity records. Come to Nashville give $100,000.00 and Ill make ya a star!

Anonymous said...

do u have a vinyl copy of this record if so please let me know rellik_inc@yahoo.com