June 8, 2009

Professor Schnitzel - Pa Dutch stand-up comedy?

Herman F. Schnitzel
Artist: Professor Schnitzel (Herman F. Schnitzel)
Album: As I Was Saying...
Released: 1962
Format: 45 rpm 7"
Label: Buch Records

I found this strange (and funny) Pa Dutch stand-up comedy record at the LPL book sale today. I had never heard of this Professor Schnitzel before and the only info I could find online about him was here.

Click Here to download this album.


Zerbinator said...

LOVE THIS - My Pop passed away 2 years ago, but always talked this way. He had every album of the Professor's. Thanks for this Mr. Z.

Kyle said...

The Professor was actually my great grandfather! My grandfather, who is still living, actually came to my pre-school (20 some years ago) and did some of the Professor's bit for my class in Strausstown, Pennsylvania. I believe the Professor even had a locally syndicated radio show in the Reading, PA area while he was popular. http://www.jackxcrawford.com/id13.html

Well just wanted to drop by and add a little family history behind what was just a fun find at a sale.

Don said...

I have four of the records. Each cover is a different color. If there is more of his work, please share it. Kyle, your great grandfather was great. I was appalled at the video that was done and post on you tube.
I posted what I had on you tube and yes, the scratches are included.
BTW, if I have infringed on a copyright, let me know and I will immediately remove it.